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Are you feeling unattractive, unmotivated or hopeless because of your weight and health frustrations?

Are you trying anything and everything to look and feel better but not getting the results you want?

Are you ready to stop chasing symptoms and finally get to the root cause of your health complaints?

It’s time to end your struggle with:

Are you ready to dig deep so you can find YOUR answers to living a healthy and abundant life? 


  • Ann's coaching changed the direction of my life. I was on 5 medications, depressed, and in tremendous physical pain when I met with Ann for the first time. She was thorough, confident, knowledgeable, and encouraging. Within 6 months I reduced my medications, pain level and many symptoms. After 1 year I no longer needed medication. All of my symptoms were alleviated through Ann's coaching. Basically, I got my life back! I would recommend her to everyone.

    Nichole B.
  • After feeling bad for a couple of years, I was at a place where traditional medicine was making matters worse, not better. I could not continue living this way - always feeling sick and tired, so it was time to try something different. I met with Ann, did the recommended tests and protocols and I met with Ann I’m so thankful our lives crossed and she was able to change my life!

    Ellen H.
  • Working with Ann is the single most important thing that I have done to improve my health since I quit smoking more than 20 years ago. I wanted to do more than just treat symptoms with prescription medications that can cause serious side effects. Ann helped me to determine the underlying causes of my symptoms. She made recommendations for diet and lifestyle changes that I would need to make to address my health concerns. As a result of these changes, I am feeling better than I have in a long time. I still have a way to go, but I expect more positive results as I work with Ann to stay on the right track. Ann is answer to prayer.

    Monica W.
  • Ann is extremely educated regarding all health matters…She is my “go to” person for all of my health questions. I trust her completely and know without a doubt that she will guide me in the right direction. In addition, Ann is kind, caring and honest when she communicates…what more can you ask for!

    Melinda C.
  • I've known Ann for 16 years, and hold her in the highest regard. Her heart to serve radiates through everything she does. In all her roles in life, she takes time to listen, really think about your situation and then thoroughly investigates the best solution. Her sincere dedication benefits everyone around her and it all stems from her desire to help others.

    Annette B.
  • Ann is amazing at what she does to help people to get and stay healthy. It comes so naturally to her through her research, love of good nutrition, and her own past experience. She is always focused and determined on keeping our bodies running the way they are supposed to. Her tests are easy and non-invasive and tell a lot about what the body is needing and using. She uses the best supplements that I trust because of her experiences and research. I have referred many friends to Ann for help as well. I am so thankful for her in my life.

    Heather F.
  • For years, I was gaining weight and couldn’t make it stop no matter what I tried. I also didn’t feel good, like something wasn’t right in my body. Every time I would go to the doctor, the tests would come back normal. Ann was able to identify what was going on and how to fix it. Right away, the weight started coming off and I started to feel better. In a couple months I went from a size xxl shirt size to a medium. For the first time in 12 years, I don’t have to shop for clothes at a plus-size store. When I look in the mirror, I recognize myself again instead of thinking “Wow, that’s not me”. I also have lots of energy and don’t get tired easily like I used to. The other symptoms I had have also started to go away. If you’re struggling with something in your body, and you can’t seem to get any answers, go see Ann! She will put the puzzle pieces together and help you get your life back!

    Jessica B.
  • I wanted to share my new life changes with anyone who has struggled with losing weight. I was always the largest in my family, class, and group of friends ever since I can remember. I had tried everything. I even had bariatric surgery. Since I have been going to Dr. Scott and working with Ann my pain level has decreased tremendously! I had so much inflammation in my body. I have been detoxing and feel fantastic for the first time ever that I can remember. I am not 100% pain free but have gotten off of so many medications. I sleep very well now. The weight has been coming off but more importantly, God has answered my prayers for healing and I feel so great! I thank God for Ann and Dr. Scott because of the knowledge God has given them!

    Vonda H.
  • I was referred to Ann after I had frequent migraine headaches. I had tried the traditional neurologist route and was simply prescribed daily medication to cover up the pain but not solve the root cause. I knew there had to be a better solution. After meeting with Ann, she had me do lab work to test my stress hormones and food sensitivity. Once we got the results, she created a food plan, a supplement plan, and a stress management plan tailored to my needs and what needed to be fixed in my body. She made it simple for me to understand and walked me through the whole process. I saw immediate migraine relief and have felt like a completely new person since starting the programs. I am very grateful for finding a healthy, long term solution to my headaches. Thank you, Ann!

    Brian B.